Tuesday, April 9, 2013

starting over

It has been a crazy few months, but finally the crazy has subsided and I am basking in the glow of a new life.

January this year I finally got my act together and moved to Melbourne.  It was a scary thing to do, I had been living in South Australia for the last seven years (and my entire adult life), all my friends and everything I knew was there.  Melbourne however had been calling me forever; its art, nightlife and ridiculously cheap coffee were all things that I wanted in my life.
 So after putting it of for another year because of study (check out my visual merchandising page for some of my work) I found a housemate, packed up everything I own and left.

I swear it had been both the hardest and most liberating things I have ever done; this is not the first time I have moved states but it is the first time I have done it solo.  I felt like I had really achieved something, I was a grown up!!  Leaving my friends behind however was as hard as I thought it would be.  Though I have family in Melbourne there was no one I felt I could just call up and go out to coffee with.  No one I could go see a movie last minute with or meet at Macca's drive-through at midnight (you know who I'm talking about Elle).

Having said all that I will admit that I am the happiest I have been in a very long time.  Sometimes it's good to take a leap, shake things up a bit, keep yourself on your toes.  I think its healthy to challenge yourself.  Two and a half months in, I now have a small group of good friends and a new relationship.  I'm still looking for a job in VM but right now I'm not too fussed where I work, I'm enjoying learning about where I live and exploring everything this new life has to offer.

Jz x

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a propos de moi

So it is a fact of life that I very seldom stick to anything for a substantial amount of time.  I'm a super passionate person and I'm good at staying the distance when it come to the important stuff, but I go through hobbies like I go through a packet of Pop Tarts (too quickly).  I have however come to a point in my life where I have realized it is time to grow up.  I am 23, living out of home, about to finish my diploma and I need to be able to stick with something long enough to make a career out of it.

To be completely honest I still have no firm idea as to what I want to do for a career, I have a vague plan of starting up my own styling company; maybe interiors, maybe fashion.  Or maybe I want to work for a magazine (I could totally be the next Grace Coddington).  All I know is I want to do something creative, love my job and be completely fabulous.

So as a project to prove to myself that I can do something for longer than 5 minutes I have finally started to write this blog (I set up this blog in 2010).  So here goes nothing, hopefully I can post on this almost as much as I post my breakfast on Instagram! (Haha that will never happen.)

Jz x

*Do not be fooled by the title of this post, I speak very poor French and had to look this up in a dictionary :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Start at the very begining...

Dear readers,
This will be a blog of all things I love.
Food, fashion and photography.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.